Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peaceful Sabbath

Ma's Bro - Uncle David

Moslems and Jews share the same Sabbath. It begins at sunset on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday evening. And here in Israel like their Moslem counterparts the country grinds to a halt. Only Arab owned shops remain open, buses cease to operate altogether and the roads normally completely filled and chaotic, suddenly empty.

It’s Family Time and my Uncle David invites me to his eldest daughter’s Sabbath dinner. I haven’t seen my cousin, Daniella, for 28 years. She now has a husband and three young children.

David leads the short prayers and the feast begins. Uncle Moisha is on a strict low carb diet so the potatoes are particularly appreciated and indeed the dinner is nothing short of a full feast with course after course turning up on the huge table. Her kids don’t eat anything, awaiting the jellied sweets and candies.

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