Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Hertzliya Apartment

Moisha's swanky pad

Uncle Moisha takes his daughter to New York for her 18th birthday leaving me Home Alone in his enormous pad. This comes with a price. I am in sole charge of his two blue-point Siamese cats. If this is not enough, Moisha subsequently adds a prerequisite – Rules of the House.

Fortunately there are only two – no drugs and no women. But they are major ones and somewhat of a killjoy too.

In fairness, he does also offer me the use of his car, but i don’t have my license with me and anyway Israelis, like Americans, drive on the wrong side of the road.

Moisha, like his Bro (Pa) and Sister between them have more chins than a Hong Kong telephone directory. He has been on a severe diet which has impacted on my diet since staying at his flat. I’m now in for a white bread, chocolate, chips and potato binge in his absents.

one of the two cats enjoying fresh food. Just call me the pussy pamperer

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