Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Power of Prayer Wheels?

C, is a cyber-friend i met through Big C about 18 months ago. She is a Buddhist living in Mexico. Her mother has been very sick recently, and last week C. had to fly to London to be with her mum.

Yesterday i dedicated a full 108 prayer wheel spinning kora around the Dalai Lama´s back garden and temple to C´s mum. I have only ever completed all wheels once before.

a fellow spinning pilgrim

It´s really strange, but i get a huge buzz from the experience, an almost cocaine-like rush inside of me. I feel so internally strong and powerful. I haven´t experienced such a state of euphoria for a long time and feel completely empowered.

On my return home, i send C a brief message telling her of my experience on the kora and to let her know that i am thinking of her and her mother. She writes back almost immediately. Her mother has been given all clear from her tests, feeling so much better and she can leave hospital almost immediately.


section of the 108 prayer wheels

Editor´s Add On: It was revealed today that Andre Agassi had a similar experience, although elicited through the use of crystal amphetamines.


  1. That's why there is no cocaine in Tibet. They have prayer wheeels!

  2. How does crystal meth come in this?:)

  3. Agassi described his euphoria in using the drug. My euphoria is similar, but non-drug induced.