Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Journey's End

It’s been a wild and awesome journey, but i find myself at the journey’s end.

As you read this i am enjoying some R and R with Ma and Pa in north France who feared i would only return in a body-bag.

I’ll add a few more postings on my return in June, for your information, but you’ve pretty much had your lot.

A big thank you must go to:

Ying – for so much cyber-sharing for much of the trip

Bubba – for fantastic travel ideas throughout Africa

A massive variety of travel companions on the road

Guardian Angel for everything and to whom this blog is completely dedicated to

I know several readers have followed my entire journey. We have covered 14 countries (15 if you count Palestine as a separate entity – and i do) in some 13months. I welcome your feedback on what you have liked/enjoyed as well as constructive criticism in the comments below.

This blog site will shortly be closing down as i need to move to a site with a much greater degree of anonymity. If you are interested in following further scribbling and photographs you will have to write to me in person to subscribe to my next blog site. – at the discretion of the author.

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