Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Eye and a Lens - Friday Demonstrations in Tahrir Square

The Egyptians promised to return to Tahrir Square every Friday until all their demands were met, so i spend yesterday afternoon checking it out.

My passport and bag are checked three times as i make the 1.5km walk from my pension to the square. Tanks are placed at every corner, and i fear this might not be such a smart idea.

Nonetheless, although the crowd is large – maybe some 5000 people there is very much a carnival atmosphere. Slogans are chanted, revolutionary songs sung, souvenir sellers plying their trade and a complete mix of people – young and old, men and women, orthodox Moslems and secular, able bodied and disabled. At times it looks more like a market-place.

Plain clothes offices mingle, but nothing kicks off. With my camera equipment a number of locals thank me for my “reporting”, and i don’t like to disappoint them by informing them i am just a passing tourist.

As usual, please respect these images are mine - i share them with you to enjoy only - not to infringe their copyright.

despite the threats of violense all remains peaceful

a revolution becomes a cash cow - good business for flag sellars

it could have turned nasty - sparing a thought for Libya

young women have their say

the Cairo youth revolutionists

fun for all the family

young victor

even the disabled join in the street demonstrations

Post Script: With a curfew at 12am, the police/army moved in at midnight with batons and beat the protestors.


  1. Exciting times in cairo, my friend. Exciting times for sure.

  2. the whole of the Middle East has gone balmy. Great for the few tourists around.