Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Tibetan Institute for Medicine and Astrology

In a process that has taken almost ten months, I am now in possession of my full astrological chart from TIMA – The Tibetan Institute of Medicine and Astrology.

Inspired by Michael Palin from his BBC TV series Himalaya in 2004, who is seen walking into the Institute and walking away with his chart. He was particularly impressed that he was an elephant in his past life.

How times have changed!

I visited the Institute back in August who in fairness warned me they were severely back-logged and the process would take about a year. All they requested in my first visit was my email address which I wrote in a huge ledger and they would contact me. I did so sceptical that I would hear from then again.

I was therefore somewhat surprised when I received an email from them in February requesting my time, place and date of birth. It costs US$50 to process payable through Paypal or Western Union. I write back informing them I am still in Dharamsala and they agree to accept a cash payment of Rs. 2502.50

Place and date of birth is no problem, but there is disagreement between my parents on the exact time of birth. No problem say the Institute providing I can give them a ball-park time in a range of 2 hours. Great! They inform me it will take about another three months to process.

The postman delivers the chart to me this week. It´s quite interesting and detailed, but i´ll share some of the stuff with you – my gentle reader.

It tells me I´m a Fire Sheep for my lunar calendar shows my birth is the 14th day of the 12th month.

According to my Natal and Elemental Signs, I must be affectionate, intelligent, but quite capable of stupidity (so true!) I must also be very creative, talented, loyal, stubborn, short-tempered, uncommunicative and “desirous of good food.” Only parts of these seem accurate.

It also tells me that Fridays are my Soul – Days, Mondays are my Life- Force Days, but Thursdays are my Foe Days.

It also offers me some future predictions. It informs me of excellent health and a long life beyond the age 82.

The chart predicts misfortune between the ages of 48 – 52 both financially and within relationships, but these will improve up until I reach 66 years 6 months and fourteen days. I´ve been warned!

Although detailed and quite interesting, I am very disappointed that there is no information on my past lives which was my prime reason for pursuing the chart in the first place.

TIMA is based on Khara Danda Road, Dharamsala or check out their website.

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