Saturday, July 25, 2009

A 60s Lovechild

Kita is your archetypal 60s Love Child. His Israeli father and German mother met in Goa on the overland trail in 1966. Born in Manali a year later, Kita spent his first eight years living in Manali, Goa and Kathmandu, before attending an Indian boarding school.

Tall, blond and blue eyed, Kita speaks fluent Hindi as well as a couple of local dialects. He speaks English with a mix of an Indian and German accent – although he has never lived in Germany. I met up with him on my recent puja in Spiti and then caught up again in Dharamsala.

His parents now live back in Europe, pissed off with the continual renewal of their Indian visas. Kita has spent the last eight years in Goa. In November last year, he was one of the first to be able to take advantage of a new law, stating that as a person born on Indian soil, he is now entitled to a permanent right of abode, land-ownership and business rights.

Witnessing the shock of the Indian-China border guards was a gem, especially as he retells the story of his new visa in Hindi.

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