Thursday, January 8, 2009

Playing A Round

Fancy a game of golf in the world´s highest mountains? Just 6kms from the centre of Pokhara, the Himalayan Golf course offers an excellent 18 hole golf course with some of the most dramatic mountain scenery. For US$35 you can play 9 holes, pay green fees, hire clubs and get a caddy. Fortunately, I was adopted by some paragliding fanatics who have membership and invited me in as a guest for US$20. A respectable 54 meant I came in 2nd. The greens and fairways were pretty rough in parts, but an excellent way to spend my last day in Pokhara. On the 4th hole, the clouds parted and the full Annapurna range opened up. Check it out -

K. Kevin and I were fortunate to play in the acclaimed highest golf course in the world in December 2002 which is actually a private Indian army course in Leh, Ladakh. There the greens were made of sand mixed with oil and you had to carry your artificial grass with you as the course is just made of dirt. It´s amazing how far you can drive at about 3000 metres.

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